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     We hear about it all too often.  Marketing companies that charge $5000+ just to run generic ads and post content.  Worst of all, results are minimal, and you are left wondering if online marketing really works at all.

     Honestly, we started out with a similar strategy.  But from the beginning, one thing made us different: we operated with only one goal in mind, and that is to make you money, not just to be online for the sake of it.

     Hence, in an effort to increase results, we started exploring ways to drive awareness to your business by the most cost and time efficient means. And that's when we pioneered the idea of automative targeting.

     Over time, we devised a system utilizing a combination of tools which allow us to target the followers of your competitors prospects, and set up ongoing interactions with them, running 24/7.


     And there you have it, the EVRGRN Method.  A strategy creatively executed to get you 300x exposure to your target audience. Feel free to reach out below if you've been having trouble driving the right traffic to your business.