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     Many business owners only experience with Facebook advertising is boosting posts. After spending money to reach more people, but not generating any leads, they conclude that Facebook ads don't work.

     In reality, the advanced targeting and customization capabilities of Facebook enable it to be extremely effective when correctly operated. But it's a little bit more work than most people think.

     Our Facebook advertising strategy consists of 4 steps. First, defining your target audience. Second, creating an offer and ad. Third, designing a landing page and incentive. And finally, launching the campaign.

     Google Ads have a higher cost per click than Facebook ads. However, they are an incredible opportunity to get to the top of Google search results if you're not ready to invest in SEO.  This is the best option for very niche industries.

     Similar to Facebook ads, we target the demographics of the audience we would like to reach, and similar to SEO, our ads show to those that queue search terms assigned as relevant to our business.

     You will also need a landing page for the ads, as just driving them to the homepage of your website will decrease your leads by 80%.  We can design you a unique offer page to complete your ad campaign.