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     We target prospects by keywords, location, industry, and competitors' followers, and schedule ongoing following and direct messaging toward individuals in this target audience to get their attention.


     You've probably noticed that doing a post a day and using hashtags isn't enough to get customers anymore in today's crowded online environment.  You need an automated system running 24/7 to get attention.

     While compatible in some capacity with all major social networks, we find that the EVRGRN Method tends to work best with two networks in particular: Instagram for brand awareness, and LinkedIn for prospecting.

     What if every time a search term related to your industry was queued, your business' website popped up first? Given the popularity of Google search, the boost in business inquiries would be massive.

     It won't happen overnight, but an expert who understands the current Google algorithm can help you get there with both on site tactics like schema markups, and offsite tactics business index registry.

     Other key elements of our SEO plan include social bookmarking, meta-tag optimization, penalty removals, and more.  With these tools, Google will see you as a higher quality source of information than your competitors.