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     EVRGRN Media is a one of a kind social media marketing, website design, website optimization, and content production company.  What makes us different is that we don't sell features, we sell solutions.

     In other words, we refuse to pitch you until you tell us what your end goal is, and we have determined that we can help you.  We start at the desired outcome, and work our way backwards to the steps to get there.


     We accept clients from a wide range of industries; restaurants to realtors to R and D.  While the strategies for different industries varies, the commitment to help you succeed remains the same.


     We are based in the Greater Toronto Area, but our services are offered on a global scale. The beauty of our business model is that regardless of where you are and what you want, our tested methods will be just as effective.  

     As you can imagine, our services are in high demand.  Hence, we are only looking for prospects who are ready to take immediate action toward their business growth.  We expect you to respect our time if you wish to work with us, and take decisive "yes" or "no" action upon contact.